Meet the Board

Delene Gilbert is the President and Co-Founder of the Oklahoma Women Cann Association. She has lived in Oklahoma for 23 years and has always had a passion to help and serve others. She has demonstrated this through countless hours of volunteering at animal shelters, speaking at cancer centers, nursing homes, and serving on mission trips. Prior to the establishment of the OWCA, Delene obtained a Bachelors degree in Health Science and a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science with two minors in Spanish and Nutrition from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Delene has worked with reputable doctors and dieticians in the healthcare field to help promote natural healing and wellness within patients of various special needs and requirements. Advocating for legalization and proper regulation of cannabis is something Delene takes very seriously. Through the unification of the cannabis community, Delene’s goal is to ensure Oklahoma Women Cann Association sets the stage to advance health and overall quality of life.

Cynthia Paul is an accomplished entrepreneur who comes from humble beginnings. The oldest of a set of siblings from a mixed marriage, Cynthia grew up learning hard lessons and having to take care of herself and her siblings while her parents worked to support the family. She jumped right into work in high school and had to quite high school to support herself.

In her 20’s she worked in the healthcare industry and truly enjoyed taking care of the elderly. She met her husband Chip in the healthcare industry and the couple started and ran a homecare company in the Tulsa area.

Cynthia quit smoking using an e-cigarette in 2012 and convinced her husband to also quit smoking cigars using vape. The couple became fascinated with vape. They opened a vape store in Owasso OK, called Palm Beach Vapors. The store met with immediate success and the couple was approached about franchising their concept. They did and built the first e-cig brick and mortar franchise in the US. Further, in a similar way that a CBD shop would be a good dispensary “footprint” today, they couple felt that their vape concept would also be a good dispensary “footprint”. This idea was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and many other national publications.

Through her husband Chip’s scientific discoveries, the couple founded a research, development, and manufacturing company called GnuPharma.  The company hold patents pending on its abilities to influence the endocannabinoid system with non-cannabis plants. Cynthia has been directly involved in company development  including marketing and branding, website development, and social media strategy and planning.

Cyhthia and Chip Paul also founded Oklahomans For Health, which is the group that brought SQ788 to the ballot through petition, got SQ788 passed, and is currently working both legislatively and regulatory to protect it.

Heather Fry is a Certified Public Accountant, Quickbooks Online Pro Advisor, and Small Business Consultant. Owner of Accounting By Heather, LLC.  Services include bookkeeping, document management, tax compliance, financial planning and QuickBooks Online training and support.

Heather Fry is a current board member with Oklahomans for Health, which is the proponent for SQ788. Her passion for this cause stems from a very personal experience. She has watched her very dear loved ones suffer and even die from opioid addiction and accidental overdose.  Heather Fry believes in medical cannabis for its pain relieving, seizure reducing, and cancer fighting abilities in addition to many other health benefits.

Christy L Huffman co-owns and manages Wild Herb, 1badNDN, iStar Innovations and DeNoya Trading Post.  These are Cannabis, Italian Sports Car and Indian Trade/Herb Companies. Christy completed her degree and graduate work in Astrophysics with minor emphasis in Mathematics, Geophysics and Education. She also has completed multiple certificates in computer programming/IT, including MCSE.  Thirty years of her work history has been in the education arena where she researched, created, revised and implemented lesson plans for children through adult ages. This work was in multiple topics that included the sciences, outreach, aviation regulations, flight simulators, math, robotics, and computer programming. For the past 20 years, she has been involved with herbal and natural healing, attending educational seminars, self-study and most importantly, private training by an Osage Medicine Man on her Osage culture.

Arcillia Miller is an entrepreneur and business owner of Eden Herbals, an organic herbal shop based in Lawton, Oklahoma. Her first encounter with Cannabis was through a close friend who was battling breast cancer and suffering with joint, leg pain and depression as a result of chemotherapy. The Cannabis topical and other products provided tremendous relief. Motivated to find the same relief for husband and others, Arcillia began researching and seeking herbal remedies that would offer a “non-pharmaceutical” quality of life.

Becoming an advocate for medicinal marijuana, she co-founded CEASECon, a organization dedicated to increasing awareness and educating consumers about the medical and economic benefits of cannabis as a legalized product.

Pamela Street BSN/RN retired, Shawnee, OK. In more than 20 years in nursing, I observed patients steadily loose their intended healthcare rights.

I also observed professional ethics being redefined into something less than needed in healthcare and human rights issues.

In these rapidly changing times, may we not forget the patient, the disadvantaged and the reason. Smile always.

Courtney Smith is proud mother of a teenage daughter and 10 year-old son, living in Norman. Courtney is a commercial and residential real estate agent and former co-owner of a vaping magazine publication. Courtney was also a business owner and advocate in the vape industry, and has represented it at public speaking events, podcasts, articles, and in the news.

Courtney later learned of the large impact medical cannabis has been having and researched numerous patient testimonials to discover the great results it was achieving. Courtney now advocates for the rights of Oklahomans to have the right to try medical cannabis. Courtney is a founding board member of the Vaping Advocates of Oklahoma and OWCA Board Member.