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About Our Organization

We champion the benefits of the Medical Cannabis sector by connecting, representing and supporting businesses and organizations in this industry. We work to help fund and provide resources to make a difference.

  • We connect people with partners and resources they need to make the biggest difference.
  • We represent Women in the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry. We demonstrate their true value and help influence policy-makers.
  • We support Cannabis organizations by generating and identifying the best knowledge and expertise.

“No women in need would go unheard”
We will not tolerate or participate in any social bias or judgement that does not further all women in all areas of success.

Pamela Street- Sweet Sisters Coordinator

Committed to building long term relationships for the success of women in the cannabis industry.

OWCA Board of Directors

Arcillia Miller


Entrepreneur, author and an advocate for medicinal marijuana.

Pamela Street

Patient Advocate

Retired, in more than 20 years of nursing, advocate of Oklahoma cannabis.

Denise Griffin

Lil Buds Coord/Owner

Owner of Griffin Insurance, provider of insurance for cannabis businesses.

Kimberly Campbell

Founder Sacred Flower

Kimberly believes this plant can heal the world. Advocating for plants has been a lifelong endeavor.

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