2021 Schedule

NOTE:   All times are in CENTRAL Time (CT).  Sessions and times are subject to change.  Please check back to confirm session schedule.

9:00 am - 10:00 am REGISTRATION AND COFFEE

Register or check-in

Come register or check in at the registration table.  Enjoy a cup of CBD Coffee while touring our vendor tables.

Sponsored by Allay Consulting, LLC

10:00 am - 10:45 am Opening and Keynote Speaker

Introductions and Welcome: Arcillia Miller, President of OWCA is a advocate and educator supporting the Oklahoma cannabis industry.

Keynote Speaker: Kim Stuck, CEO and Founder of Allay Consulting, LLC holds a pioneering role as the nation’s first cannabis and hemp specialist for a major metropolitan public health authority.  She holds numerous accreditations, such as certified quality auditor (CQA) and certified professional of food safety (CP-FS), among others.

11:00 - 11:30 BREAKOUT SESSION I

PATIENT TRACT |  Cannabis for Veterans and PTSD

This session will discuss the concerns in the Veteran Community with TBI/PTSD and Pain Management  as well as Warriors for Freedom Foundation’s mission and my personal story of being a Survivor and Thriver with a Spouse with combat related PTSD and TBI and how the cannabis industry is changing the game in treatment and long term success for the Veteran Community.

Presenter: Erica WalkerExecutive Director Warriors for Freedom Foundation, US Army, Veteran

PATIENT TRACT |  Cannabis interaction with Medications

Cannabis interaction with other medications can become a serious health risk for many.  This important discussion with offer guidance on discovering how medications interact with cannabis

Presenter: Alison Al-Mufleh, SilverLeaf Cannabis

EDUCATION TRACT |  Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system plays an important part in the homeostasis of our health.  Discover how and learn new information on discoveries of cannabinoids and how they can benefit our overall health.

Presenter: Dr. Regina Nelson, Ph.D., Founder of eCS Therapy Center

EDUCATION TRACT |   Finding the Correct Cannabis Profile

Strains, terpenes, and cannabinoids all have an effect on each individual differently.  This session can assist patients in discovering and identify the correct cannabis product that will benefit their areas of concern.

Presenter: Dr. Pepper Hernandez, PhD, Naturopathic Doctor, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Cannabis Therapist

BUSINESS TRACT |  Navigating the OMMA Licensing

The challenge of applying for cannabis business licensing can be overwhelming.  This sessions presenter will offer tips and tricks to understanding and navigating the challenge.

Presenter: Sarah Lee Gossett-Parish, Attorney-at-law

BUSINESS TRACT |  Preparing for Federal Legalization

With federal legalization around the corner, business owners will learn what is to be expected for licensing and requirements on the Federal level.  In addition, information to help understanding how this will impact small businesses.

Presenter: Kim Stuck, CEO/Founder Allay Consulting, LLC

CAREGIVER TRACT |  Micro-Dosing for Minors

This will be an interpersonal and entertaining 18 minute speech on the importance of best practices, best principals, and clinical grade guidelines.

Our purpose is to inspire parents with theories on how to effectively talk to children about Cannabis while slaying their lifestyle.Our strategies transcend behavioral science, case studies, ethics and risk management, interior design, and seasonal trends.This Parenting Style truly is for the “Modern Mom”, approachable and practical.Our coaching platform helps elevate relationships, acceptance, and responsibility in the home. Exactly what our Essential-Moms need to thrive daily.

Presenter: Vanessa Coke, Lifestyle Coach, President of Nessy Media, LLC

CAREGIVER TRACT |  Autism and Cannabis

Discussion of cannabis use in autistic children and sharing of personal experiences with medicating autistic child and the overcoming of challenges.

Presenter: Paula Venegas, Founder of Autism and Cannabis

11:45 am - 12:15 pm BREAKOUT SESSION II

PATIENT TRACT | Terpenes with Teresa

Learn the importance of terpenes through this informative session with Teresa Teran, owner of t3 Cannivation.

Presenter: Teresa Teran, Owner t3 Cannivation Cannabis, Patient Advocate

PATIENT TRACT | CBD Health/ Cannabis and Your DNA

Gain an understanding of CBD and how it benefits you, as well as knowledge of how your DNA interacts with cannabinoids.

Presenter: Leah Lakstin,  Higher Education Hemp Tours/ Hemp Business Builder

EDUCATION TRACT |Cannabis & Herbal Medicine 

Herbal medicine is practiced in every culture and is essential for health and well-being. In this talk we will briefly discuss herbs that can be taken to enhance the therapeutic qualities of cannabis. Whether you are a patient, practitioner or business owner, this talk will offer relevant information for incorporating herbal medicine into your life.

Presenter: Jessica Baker, LAc, (AHG), CEO Bakers Brands

EDUCATION TRACT | Mental Health and Cannabis

More and more patients are using cannabis to self-medicate for mental health.  This important discussion will address safe use of cannabis and how a well rounded therapeutic plan can benefit patients and caregivers.

Presenter: Dianna Hinshaw, LPC, LADC, Certified Cannabis Coach

BUSINESS TRACT |  Preparing for Federal Legalization

With federal legalization around the corner, business owners will learn what is to be expected for licensing and requirements on the Federal level.  In addition, information to help understanding how this will impact small businesses.

Presenter: Merril Gilbert, CEO/Founder TraceTrust

BUSINESS TRACT |  Growing Your Business through Diversity

Growing a cannabis business can be challenging and it takes a special niche to bring your business positive attention.  This session will identify the key areas of business that will help you grow in positive ways.

Presenter: Leah Maurer

CAREGIVER TRACT |  Home Growing for Caregiver or Patient

This session will provide caregivers the brief training in how to grow cannabis plants at home and offer tips and tricks to cultivate a successful growth.

Presenter: Cannapam (Pamela Staley), Professional Horiculturist


Data and Analytics         Presenter: Justin TrowbridgeBusiness Development Officer, Contemporary Analysis (CAN)

Cultivation 101                 Presenter: Jared Sherman, Owner of Mellow Moose Farms

Industrial Processing,          Presenter: Patrick Blake, Lone Star Industrial Materials

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm LUNCHEON

Featured Speaker: Sen. Connie Johnson,  Served In The Oklahoma Senate, Representing District 48.  She has been a tireless advocate for the cannabis and hemp industries in Oklahoma.  She will highlight the avenues and benefits the cannabis and hemp industry will have on the Oklahoma economy.


BUSINESS TRACT | Oklahoma Cannabis Banking

Banking has been one of those obstacles cannabis businesses have had to overcome.  This session can provide those businesses with the options now available and offer some insight into how to manage the federal regulations.

Presenter: Delene Gilbert, Director of Sales and Marketing, Oklahoma State Bank CFO of the MRB Program.

BUSINESS TRACT | Cultivation and EPA Compliance

Cultivation businesses gain knowledge of EPA requirments on disposing of products and by products of cultivation.

Presenter: Talya Mayfield, Delta Compliance Consulting

PATIENT TRACT | Queer Cannabis

Queer cannabis.

Presenter: Sheena Wilton, CEO/ Founder Take A Trip Extract

CAREGIVER TRACT | Parental Protections

Child custody injustice over cannabis use happens every single day. Its important for parents and caregivers to understand what the rights are and know how to navigate the systems put in place.  This session will provide general information on parental protections.

Presenter: Jamie Kacz, Founder/Executive Director of Kansas City Chapter of NORML

PATIENT TRACT | Personal Care Plan and Dispensary the Dispensary Role

Knowing your health issues and how to address them with the benefits of cannabis is key when trying to establish a care plan for yourself.  Learn what a care plan looks like and how to establish one for yourself in this informative session.

Presenter: Stephanie Beno, Persephone, LLC


Industrial Products         Presenter: Patrick Blake, Lone Star Industrial Materials

Testing and Compliance                Presenter: Cree Crawford, Founder of Ionization Labs, Creator of CANN ID

Artisian Cultivation/ USDA Certification,          Presenter: Adrian Garcia, Owner and operation of Adrian Garcia Farms

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm BREAKOUT SESSION IV

EDUCATION TRACT | Brain Injury and Autoimmune Disease

Gain knowledge on how brain injury and autoimmune diseases can be treated with alternatives.

Presenter: Sandy Amrine, Patient Advocate and Educator

PATIENT TRACT | Patients Guide to Knowing Your Products

Learn tips and tricks to knowing which products are good and how to navigate the numerous products on the market.

Presenter: Tuki, Oklahoma Dispensary Review


Retail Applications; Who Buys this Stuff         Presenter: Chris Pattillo, Production and Procurement Team member/ Dank Wellness Emporium

Organic Practices- Soil to Food Web                Presenter: Jared Elliott, Terra Biotics, Inc

Extractions/Terpene Retention,          Presenter: Joshua Grason, Lead Formulator for Bee Elevated

Government Policy and Procedure          Presenter: Leigh Ann Bryson, CEO/ Founder of RedDirt420 Enterprises, LLC

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

PANEL DISCUSSION | Women/Diversity and Inclusion

Join us in this discussion of how we can broaden the opportunities for women through addressing the issues of diversity and inclusion in the cannabis industry.

Moderator: Jana Stolins, Founder/CEO Cannasource Pro, LLC

Panelist: Kim Stuck, Merril Gilbert, Leah Maurer, Jamie Kacz, Sheena Wilton,

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm AFTER-NETWORKING EVENT

Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with speakers and individuals you met during the evening.  This event is open to anyone who has not attended the conference session.