Little Buds Project

Little Buds is our community project, formed by Delene Gilbert, in collaboration with Oklahoma Women Cann Association. It gives financial assistance to children in need of recommendations, medical cards and travel expenses. 

Our goal is to relieve some, if not all, of the financial burden families who are in need of medical recommendations to improve the quality of life for their child.  

OWCA has a heart for helping our community, patients and children by being a support system, helping to educate families and build foundation for parents to know they are not alone in their struggle.  We understand that they want to provide a viable option to treat their children.

After posting on social media the outreach, we have already received many request for any kind of help.  Hearing these stories of sickness and pain has been the driving force in raising funds for these families.  

Sweet Sisters Project

Our mission is to establish a community foundation, free from judgement, on which women of need can grow and succeed in the knowledge and benefits of Medical Cannabis.  This project inspires the freedom of licensing to promote growth, hope and health.

The Sweet Sisters program, along with community support, hopes to reach Oklahoma women who may not have the ability or opportunity to become Canna-med educated and/or licensed due to disability or financial constraints.

“No women in need would go unheard”

We will not tolerate or participate in any social bias or judgement that does not further all women in all areas of success.

-Pamela Street, Sweet Sisters Coordinator-


Assistance will be provided to a woman who is currently on Soonercare, Medicare or Medicaid. 

Women familiar with the program can present and advocate for a Sweet Sisters need.

Sweet Sisters may occasionally network and participate with other organizations, non-profit and Canna-businesses to reach and encourage Oklahoma women in need.  Media reference to the program as a resource can be made when directing to OWCA website.

We will not tolerate or participate in any social bias or judgement that does not further all women in all areas of success.

Patient Information Practical Education Tour

With every increasing populations of Oklahomans becoming active in the alternative medicine of Medical Cannabis, there is a growing need to educate individuals of safe practices and practical information. It is often the rural communities who is taken advantage of or not provided the opportunities to gain good education on medical cannabis.  The P.I.P.E Tour will seek to provide basic education on medical cannabis benefits, usage, content and some practical guidance on choosing safe medicines. This tour also gives OWCA an opportunity to expand our reach to women in the communities.

  • Sponsor Support Needed

We are seeking sponsors to fund this tour, which in turn will provide each with exclusive logos on all printed material. Signage at each session, in each city, as well as opportunities for vendor set up. Your logo will be on all social media and website page.