Little Buds

Little Buds is our community project, formed by Delene Gilbert, in collaboration with Oklahoma Women Cann Association. It gives financial assistance to children in need of recommendations, medical cards and travel expenses. 

Our goal is to relieve some, if not all, of the financial burden families who are in need of medical recommendations to improve the quality of life for their child.  

OWCA has a heart for helping our community, patients and children by being a support system, helping to educate families and build foundation for parents to know they are not alone in their struggle.  We understand that they want to provide a viable option to treat their children.

After posting on social media the outreach, we have already received many request for any kind of help.  Hearing these stories of sickness and pain has been the driving force in raising funds for these families.  

Delene Gilbert, Co-Founder of the Oklahoma Women Cann Association. Her goal was to ensure Oklahoma Women Cann Association sets the stage to advance health and overall quality of life, something she takes very seriously. This charity was formed to help families that cannot afford medical marijuana registration/recommendations for their children in need.

We must be a voice for our children needing safer, more natural medication.