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Navigating the layers of cannabis compliance can be challenging and this series will offer some best practices Contact iComply Reserve a spot Join & Support AUTHENTICITY AND INTEGRITY ARE THE PRINCIPLES WE SHALL STAND BY Membership Donate Heal the Healer Weekend Get inspired, feel refreshed and motivated to care for yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Lets reconnect! Events Calendar Get Notifications

Slide Get to know us! Our Mission Our mission is to serve and empower women involved in the Oklahoma cannabis industry no matter what race, religion, or socioeconomic status. We will continually strive to cultivate an environment of collective cooperation among all women. Our Goal Our goal is to develop relationships to provide the necessary support required to ensure our members have all tools needed to be successful. providing women with opportunities to network, connect, educate, and promote strong female representation Our Passion Our passion to serve others and advocate for legalization and proper regulation of cannabis and to ensure Oklahoma Women in Cannabis set the stage to advance health and overall quality of life. Read More!

Slide Our Projects Helping build a better lifestyle We are committed to being a resource to offer a safe space for women and individuals in the cannabis communities. Little Buds Project Little Buds is an endeavor to relieve some of the financial burden on familes whose children need MMJ recommendations, and or education. Cannabis Education/Advocacy Education projects offer resoures and information for our community for better understanding and acceptance. With our commitment to issues supporting women business and patients. Sweet Sisters Project The Sweet Sisters project hopes to reach our Oklahoma women who may not have the ability to become Cannamed, due to financial constraints. Read More arrow_right


Slide Membership Support Join us as a member to help us, help our community. Add your voice to the hundreds of women committed to educating, promoting women and maintaining a quality of life through cannabis medicine. Your support is absolutely essential to making a difference and supporting our growing cannabis industry. Community Our community membership is offered to support our ongoing efforts. This is a membership is a great way that you can help to support the work we do at OWCA. You can contribute to help us to keep quality information coming each and every day! Sign Uptrending_flat Patron Things happen when women come together. As a supporter of OWCA you can help us advocate for women in the cannabis industry! Members support our events, education programs, outreach, publications, and so much more. Sign Up trending_flat Partner Partner Membership offers partnering opportunities. OWCA relies on the support of both individuals and organizations to advance our efforts as advocates for women in cannabis. It also helps us provide education activities and programming. Sign Up trending_flat

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Slide E.: Get in Touch. Get Involved. If you have questions, please feel free to drop us a line. If you don't get an answer immediately, we might just be traveling to an event near you. We will get back to you as soon as we can. About Projects Events Join