Who We Are!

  • We Connect people with partners and resources they need to make the biggest difference.
  • We Represent women in the Oklahoma Cannabis industry.  We demonstrate their true value and help influence policy-makers.
  • We Support cannabis organizations, patients and businesses by generating and identifying the best knowledge and expertise.

We are continuously working to bring together likeminded women that share a common goal of protecting and serving the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry.

Little Buds Project

We are committed to making a difference in our communities and state.  Through our Little Buds project, we are able to help many families take the first step towards a more natural quality of life and improve the health of their loved ones.  When you contribute to our projects you are helping us, help the community and build up the lives of our neighbors.


Connecting Community With Cannabis Industry.

We are supporting Cannabis patients, businesses and individuals who support our Cannabis industry

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve and empower women, providing women with opportunities to network and connect, educate, and promote a strong female representation within our industry.

Our Goal

It is our goal to provide nourishment, to developing relationships within the industry in order to provide the necessary support required to ensure our members have all the tools they need to be successful.

Our Commitment

We will continually strive to cultivate an environment of collective cooperation among all women to solidify our place within the emerging industry.

Our Work

We champion the benefits of the Medical Cannabis sector by connecting, representing and supporting businesses and organizations in this industry. We work to help fund and provide resources to make a difference.



Supporting families with medical recommendations  and offering education the benefits of MMJ.



Offering support and assistance to Oklahoma women and providing education and encouragement.



We are supported by generous contributions of our supporters and our committed members.



Sponsor support allows us to offer many programs free to our community.

Upcoming Events

  • CannaNights Town Hall Meet Ups (OKC)

    We want to connect with the women in our Canna-community by sharing information, networking and having fun. We invite you (patients, entrepreneurs, business owners, or even canna-curious) to come out and mingle. We are inviting all Canna ladies to come

  • Christmas Gala

    Our Little Buds and Sweet Sisters Project is celebrating a successful year of reaching out to the community to offer a resource for cannabis patients. We will be recognizing all of our Little Buds and Sweet Sisters that we have

  • Ganja (She)HerO Nominations

    The (She)Hero or Ganja HerO Award recognizes individuals who has supported the women in this industry, educated, nurtured or served others in a way that contributes to the overall benefit of our cannabis communities. There are many women throughout our community

Sponsors & Partners

Resources and Links

Oklahoma Pediatric Physicians

Oklahoma Pediatric Physicians

We have complied this list to help families locate a recommending physician.  You will be required to contact the...

How Do I Measure My Dose?

How Do I Measure My Dose?

Due to their genetics, some people metabolize THC faster than others and may require much higher doses to get...

Community Counts With Us

The community supports makes our organization stronger. And we value the thoughts and concerns of our community.