Oklahoma Women Cann
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We are Connecting the community with our industry to form relationships.

We are continuously working to bring together like minded women and supporters that share a common goal of protecting and serving the Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Industry.

Fostering an environment that is inclusive and diverse, in an effort to build an industry that promotes female leadership opportunities for all.

Education and Community projects help to support our growing cannabis community.

OWCA has a heart for helping our community, patients and children by being a support system, helping to educate families and build foundation for parents to know they are not alone in their struggle.  We understand that they want to provide a viable option to treat their children.

Our projects inspire the freedom of licensing to promote growth, hope and health in our communities.

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It is our goal to provide connections, to nurture and develop relationships within the industry, to provide the necessary support required to ensure our members have all the tools they need fo be successful.

Our passion is to serve others and advocate for legalization and proper regulation, to ensure Oklahoma women in the industry set the stage to advance health and overall quality of life.

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Add your voice to the women committed to educating, promoting and standing up for a quality of life through safe medicine.

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Although nonprofits often focus on cash donations, gifts may come in many forms.  We also appreciate donations of goods, services or time.


Join as a volunteer and begin taking action to change and help build a healthier community with healthier lives. Your support is essential towards making a difference.